I decided at an early age that I was fascinated by human behavior and psychology. Specifically, I was interested in children and development and in the attachment relationship between caregiver and child. I attended the University of Oregon where I majored in psychology and worked on studies exploring individual differences in temperament. I wanted to learn more about how temperamental match between an infant and caregiver can impact the relationship.

After college, I worked as a Montessori teacher while volunteering in a community mental health center in Seattle with traumatized preschool children and their families. This volunteer work turned into a job and then graduate school in counseling at Seattle University. Post graduate school I worked in community mental health as both an adult outpatient therapist and a child and family therapist.

I went on to have my own children and became even more intrigued by the attachment relationship. Seeking to further my knowledge I took classes through the Neufeld Institute run by developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld. Having spent so much time with children over the years and learning about their developmental needs and attachment needs has enriched my personal and professional life. Attachment is ultimately about connection and exploring how to be in healthy connection with others inspires me.